Communications Committee


The goal of the Media and Communications Committee is to disseminate
useful and important information to the Hopkins community, which includes the School 
of Medicine, School of Public Health, and School of Nursing. We do this via weekly bulletins, social media, and our website. It is currently chaired by  Kartik Temburnikar  andAmrita Datta Chaudhuri.

Our committee disseminates information about JHPDA events, professional development opportunities, and job and fellowship opportunities to the Johns Hopkins postdoc community predominantly through our weekly bulletin and special bulletins. We also facilitate communication between the executive board and other committees, JHPDA and postdocs, and the Johns Hopkins administration and postdocs. Previous bulletin announcements can be found here

In addition to the bulletins, we maintain the JHPDA website as well as our TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn pages. We also maintain a postdoc blog. Beyond working behind the scenes to make sure you have important postdoc information at your fingertips, We have organized coffee breaks, networking sessions, and scientific communication events. 

If you are interested in becoming involved with the inner-workings of JHPDA by joining the Communications Committee, don't hesitate to attend our monthly meeting at 8:30 am on the second Wednesday of every month or contact one of the co-chairs listed above. If you want to contact JHPDA or submit a blog posting, you may contact us at