School of Public Health Committee

The goal of the Committee is to advocate for the specific needs of postdocs at the School of Public Health and create better links between the SPH and the wider JHPDA. 

We aim to work together with other Committees of the JHPDA to help support postdocs at the SPH through a range of activities. 

Our Committee seeks to:
- Disseminate relevant information to SPH postdocs
- Establish policies and advocate on behalf of SPH postdocs 
- Arrange social and professional development events for SPH postdocs
- Provide orientation materials to new international SPH postdocs 
- Provide support for underrepresented groups in the SPH postdoc community
- Improve engagement between SPH postdocs and the wider JHPDA 

The Committee was founded in 2016, making it the newest of the JHPDA Committees. The co-chairs for the current calendar year are Collin Weigel  and Jing Sun. 

More information about the Committee and our upcoming events can be found on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages, just search for the Johns Hopkins SPH PDA.