Our committees tackle various aspects of postdoctoral life. These currently are:

  1. Media and Communications
  2. International
  3. Policy and Advocacy
  4. Professional Development
  5. Socials

Media and Communications

The Media and Communications Committee is in charge of promoting communication among postdoctoral fellows. It is currently chaired by Cynthia Zhang and Corinne Pettigrew.

Our main job is to disseminate information about JHPDA events and Professional Development opportunities to the postdoc community through our weekly bulletins and special bulletins. Further, we try to include job and grant information as well. We facilitate communication between the JHPDA committees, and between the JHPDA and postdoctoral fellows, and also provide a way for admin at Hopkins to directly communicate to the postdocs. Our previous bulletins can be found here

If you have an event you want to organize, or feel it is important to postdocs, drop us a line and we’ll advertise it in our bulletin. Our weekly bulletins are sent out each Monday, and information has to be in by 5pm, the previous Friday for us to be able to include this. 

In addition to the bulletins, we maintain this website, as well as our TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn pages. We recently started a Meetup group in collaboration with the Socials committee. Although we mostly work in the background, we have also organized events such as “Science in Sixty Seconds” in the past. For the following year, we'd like to strengthen our focus on scientific communication, especially to the media and the public. After all, if you can't talk about your research, how can you spread the word that science is cool and worthwhile! So keep your ears and eyes out for announcements!

We always need help, so if you enjoy communication, enjoy making websites, posters and other graphics, you're the person for us! Please contact us by emailing


The International Committee provides resources and answers questions for international postdocs. The Committee hosts a number of international-themed events, including international lunches, movie nights, wine tastings, and holiday celebrations (e.g., Diwali, Chinese New Year, Cinco de Mayo). The Committee is always open to new members – a great way to meet new people! 

Resources for International Postdocs

Policy and Advocacy

The Policy and Advocacy Committee, established in 2011, serves to understand and address issues affecting the JHMI postdoctoral community. Our goal is to educate, advise, advocate, and when necessary, work with the university to resolve problems affecting postdoctoral fellows. We help bridge communication between the postdoctoral community, representatives of the University Health System, the School of Medicine, and the Dean of Postdoctoral Affairs. We give voice to the issues that affect the postdoctoral community at regular meetings with the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, monthly Faculty Senate meetings, and monthly Health Care Committee Meetings.

Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee is our largest committee, featuring the most diverse range of activities. The Committee engages in innovative ways to access the job market in Maryland - home to 400 companies in the biotech field and elsewhere. The Committee also network to introduce life-sciences and biotech industries to the postdoctoral fellows at Johns Hopkins. The Committee offers travel grants and is working to develop an industry grant for innovation in science.


The goal of the socials committee is to bring our postdoctoral community together – both for networking & collaboration and to share downtime away from the bench with our peers.

Details on our events can be found in the Announcements section. We also post these events in the weekly JHPDA newsletter. We have regular on-campus happy hours, often in collaboration with the international committee. We also host off-campus "Shuttle Socials", where we pick a venue on the JHMI shuttle route or Charm City Circulator route so you can have a safe, fun evening to relax and unwind. We organize special events, such as ski trips, barbecue, paintball, international New Year party and many more!!!

Keep your eyes open for notices about upcoming events in the email bulletin and on the campus notice boards.

A sneak peak of the previous events can be found in the Gallery section. Come join us, meet new postdocs and be a part of the organizing committee for the next social event on/off campus! 

Details of the committee's events can be found in the JHPDA weekly announcements bulletins. You may also subscribe to our Calendar to get up-to-date information. You may also keep a eye open for notices about upcoming events on the campus notice boards.