As a postdoc at Hopkins SOM, you have the opportunity to take courses free of charge in many divisions across campus

To register for classes visit the SOM Registrar's office at BRB. Please carefully read all registration information on their website, specifically this document on postdoctoral fellow course registration procedures. Some specifics are highlighted below: 

School of Medicine
Unlimited courses for credit or audit. Courses offered through SOM

School of Arts and Sciences
Each semester (fall and spring) you can audit 1 course free of charge, and summer and intersession you have unlimited access. 

School of Public Health
You can take 16 units for credit or audit free of charge. To register, you must fill out the paper form for the SOM Postdoc Registration Form at SPH, which are available in SPH E1002 or here . Registration instructions appear on the form.

Course materials/lab fees can be found via the online Course Search engine ( and are listed in the Special Comments section of the course description. A fee of $100 will be assessed for registering after the registration deadline and a fee of $50 will be assessed for making changes after the Add/Drop deadline for each academic term. Fees can be paid to the PH Business Office in W1101 or via Self Service at

SOM PostDoctoral Fellows (PDFs) wishing to make changes to their registrations must submit the appropriate paper form, available at under the ‘Forms’ section, directly to the Office of Records and Registration for processing. Schedule changes cannot be made via ISIS Self-Service.

The SPH also provides a "Distance Learning" curriculum, where classes are taught online:
You have to take the pre-requirement of Introduction to Online Learning the semester BEFORE the class you want to take. You can also audit several of the classes on the website.

Carey School of Business
You can register for eligible classes (check with Carey registrar) free of charge; however, only 9 credit hours can go towards a degree 

School of Education
You may take unlimited classes, but only 9 credits can be counted towards a degree. 

Welch Library
Welch Library on the medical campus offers several free classes, from Basics of Database Searching to PubMed: Search Like a Pro. You can register on this link using your JHED ID.

Some Tips
Acceptance of registration is subject to rules and deadlines of host division 
Make it clear that you are a SOM Postdoc 
Non-tuition fees are your responsibility 
If you seek a degree, you will be charged for courses